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Our tea range boasts over 21 different blends

GOGO provide a vast selection of specialist, craft blend tea.
We have one of the largest selections of flavours in the UK!

CBD Tea Range UK - GOGO Green Organics

Discover the benefits of high-quality CBD products

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GOGO is renowned for its exceptional range of CBD products, all of which are organically grown, lab-tested, and of the highest quality, ensuring that every customer receives the most effective & safe CBD experience.

Our selection of tea is one of the largest ranges available in the UK!


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Why choose us?

Go relax your body & mind

Experience all the benefits of using CBD.

CBD products are medically proven to optimise your body & mind by releasing naturally occurring chemicals, helping you to be at your best.

Go sense your inner calm & balance

Enhance your daily life with CBD.

GOGO Green Organics products help to boost your inner sense of wellbeing by releasing non-harmful & beneficial nutrients directly into your body.

Go organic, no gmo and fair trade

Supporting ethical & eco-friendly consumption.

Our products are sourced from ethical sources, giving you piece of mind that we are focussed on the long term health of the planet.

Go improve your focus with CBD

Improve cognitive function & productivity.

CBD products can help improve focus by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation, helping you to stay focussed throughout
the day.

Find out all the ways CBD can help you

Ready to make a positive change?

Our products can help you to start getting the most out of life. Try our products today and begin your journey.

Go with confidence

Our products are certified to meet the highest UK standards.

When buying CBD products in the UK, it’s important to look for certifications that indicate the product has been tested and meets certain standards for quality and safety.
We follow strict guidelines, including regular testing of products to ensure they contain the correct levels of CBD and no harmful contaminants.
Buy with confidence
Additionally, we ensure that they are safe to consume and have accurate labelling. By looking for products that carry these certifications, you can have confidence that the CBD products you are buying are safe and of high quality.

Go with an ethical business

Our products are quality tested & ethically sourced. We pride ourselves on being part of the solution, not the problem.

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Icon Prod features
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