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Who we are

GOGO have been providing high quality CBD products, helping buyers improve their quality of life.

We specialise in sourcing the highest quality, organic hemp to produce our products, including CBD oil, capsules, topicals & edibles. Our company prides itself on its transparency & commitment to producing safe and effective products for consumers.

Our mission

It is GOGO's mission to provide customers with the highest caliber CBD products on the market.

We always aim to source the finest ingredients, using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes & rigorously testing each product to ensure purity and quality. Additionally, we strive to educate consumers on the benefits of CBD and how to use it safely & effectively. It is our mission to improve our customers life & overall well-being.

Our products

GOGO offer a range of products that are infused with cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp.

These products include tinctures, which are liquid extracts taken under the tongue, as well as topicals, such as lotions & balms that are applied to the skin. CBD edibles, such as gummies & chocolates, are also commonly available, as well as capsules & pills for those who prefer to take their CBD in pill form.

GOGO also offer pet products, including specialist CBD-infused oils for pets.

‘Anyone should be able to experience the benefits of CBD’​

Benjamin Karoci - Hadar, Company Founder.

Benjamin Karoci - Hadar, Company Founder

In June of 2021, Benny Karoci-Hadar founded GOGO Green Organics and began an exciting journey.

A long term believer in the benefits of CBD, he saw an opportunity to provide quality products & use his business to help people find relief from a variety of conditions, from chronic pain to anxiety & depression.

After months researching & developing high-quality products that were safe and effective, he worked tirelessly to build a reputation for his company as a trusted & reliable source of CBD. Benny never wavered in his commitment to helping others, and his company has grown to become a respected & successful business that has helped countless people improve their quality of life.

What is CBD?​

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant.

CBD is one of many compounds, called cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, CBD is non-psychoactive and does not produce a "high."

It has been used for various health purposes, such as reducing anxiety and pain.

What is the legal status of CBD?

In the UK, the legal status of CBD is that it is legal as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC and is sold as a food supplement

The sale of CBD products with medical claims requires a prescription. However, it is important to note that regulations in this area can change, so it is advisable to check for any updates to the current laws.

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