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CBD Active Mood Oil

CBD Active Mood Oil ( Citrus Flavoured)

Energizing Your Routine

Boost your workout experience with our CBD Active Mood Oil. Our CBD Oil has been expertly crafted to elevate your energy levels, making it perfect for pre-exercise use. Each spray delivers the invigorating properties of full-spectrum hemp extract. Matched with a refreshing citrus flavor that awakens the senses.

Designed not only to prepare your body for physical exertion but also to uplift your spirit with its zesty taste. Whether it’s for a rigorous gym session or an outdoor fitness adventure, this oil is your go-to for an energized and flavourful start.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Recovery

After your workout, GoGo Active Hemp CBD Mood Oil continues to support your recovery. The Benefits of CBD Oil extend to post-exercise recovery. Helping to soothe muscles and promote relaxation. Its natural properties aid in reducing discomfort and speeding up recovery. Making it an excellent choice for post-workout care. Incorporating this oil into your recovery routine can significantly enhance your overall fitness experience, ensuring you’re ready for your next session.

A Versatile CBD Range

We offer a diverse product range catering to all of your wellness needs. Whether you’re preparing for a day of activity, seeking enhanced focus, or in need of relaxation, we have you covered. Alongside our Active Mood Oil, our Focus Mood Oil is perfect for times when concentration is key. For unwinding and de-stressing, our Relax Mood Oil offers a calming effect. Each oil in our range is carefully formulated to align with specific moments, providing targeted support to complement your lifestyle and enhance your well-being.


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CBD Content

Total servings: 240
CBD Quantity
per serving
Total CBD content
per CBD mg


MCT oil, hemp extract, pure CBD, natural terpenes, natural flavourings.

Product Features

How to use

Shake the bottle well before every use. Spray once for a 5mg servicing, under the tongue and hold for 1 to 2 minutes before swallowing. Start with one serving and increase as needed.

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