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Hemp Tea – Sporty Fruits

Hemp Sporty Fruits Tea Bags (20)

Energise and Replenish

After a vigorous workout, our Sporty Fruits Tea is the perfect way to rehydrate and rejuvenate. Crafted as a natural sports drink, this tea combines the invigorating flavours of apple, strawberry, and berry leaves with the wellness benefits of full-spectrum hemp extract. It’s an ideal post workout drink that refreshes and replenishes your body.

The blend of fruits in this tea provides a natural energy boost, while hemp extract helps in soothing your muscles and aiding recovery. This combination makes our Sporty Fruits Tea more than just a delightful beverage; it’s a healthy tea that supports your fitness goals and overall well-being.

Enjoy a cup after your exercise routine to experience a flavourful and healthful recovery, helping you to bounce back faster and feel great.

A Bounty of Natural Goodness

Our Sporty Fruits Tea bursts with natural flavors and benefits. It’s packed with apple pieces, rose hip, and berry leaves, each adding their own special touch. These fruits bring antioxidants and vitamins to your cup, essential for recovery after exercise.

Apple pieces add a natural sweetness. Rose hip boosts the vitamin content. Berry leaves contribute a refreshing tang. Together, they make this tea a healthy, hydrating choice for active people.

Every cup offers hydration plus nutrition, making it an excellent alternative to regular sports drinks. Enjoy this tea as part of your active lifestyle for both taste and health benefits.


Beyond the Cup – Complementing Your Fitness Regimen

Our Sporty Fruits Tea is more than a drink; it’s a part of your whole fitness plan. After your workout, pair it with our Refresh Muscle Rub for total body care. This rub soothes your muscles and works great with the tea.

First, enjoy the tea to hydrate and replenish. Then, use the Refresh Muscle Rub to relax your muscles. Check out our Refresh Muscle Rub for an all-around fitness recovery.

Also, if you’re curious about the best ways to recover after exercise, read this NCBI article. It has great info on post-workout care.

With our Sporty Fruits Tea and Refresh Muscle Rub, you’re taking great steps to stay fit and healthy.

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Total servings: 20
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per serving
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Apple Pieces, rose hip, strawberry, raspberry and blackberry leaves, aroma, safflower, sunflower, mallow flavours, full-spectrum hemp extract(0.2%or below THC content).

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How to use

Place a tea bag in a mug, pour hot water, and cover. Let the tea steep for 5 to 6minutes. Add sugar or honey asper your taste or enjoy it as it is. Add lots of ice into the brewed tea to enjoy refreshing and energetic iced tea on hot summer day!

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