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Hemp Tea – Summer Energy

Hemp Summer Energy Tea Bags (20)

The Essence of Summer

Our Hemp Summer Energy Tea is the perfect summer drink’ It’s great for hot days and also cozy evenings. You can enjoy it hot or cold, making it a super easy summer drink.

This tea has refreshing ingredients like hibiscus and ginger, and cool peppermint. It’s just right for sunny days, giving you a natural energy lift. Plus, unlike a Long Island iced tea, this tea is a Summer drink without any alcohol, so everyone can enjoy it.

Whether you’re relaxing outside or need a cool drink after being active, our Hemp Summer Energy Tea is a fantastic choice. It brings the fun vibe of summer right into your cup.

A Flavourful Journey

This non alcoholic summer drink is a fusion of exciting flavours. First, you’ll notice the spicy warmth of ginger and cinnamon. Then, the cool touch of peppermint follows, creating a delightful contrast.

Moreover, the subtle sweetness of beetroot adds a unique twist, enhancing the tea’s depth. This blend makes every sip a refreshing adventure, perfect for those active summer mornings.

So, whether you’re seeking a revitalizing drink or a tasty treat, our Hemp Summer Energy Tea hits the spot. It’s a journey of flavours in every cup, making it an excellent choice for any summer occasion.

Hemp – A Wellness Boost

Our Hemp Summer Energy Tea isn’t just delicious; it’s also enriched with full-spectrum hemp extract. This key ingredient adds a wellness boost to every cup. Hemp is known for its natural benefits, aiding in relaxation and overall well-being, making this tea a healthy choice for your summer days.

For a different kind of summer refreshment, why not try our coffee over ice? It’s a perfect alternative for those who prefer a coffee kick. Explore our coffee range for more options.

Additionally, if you’re curious about how hot drinks like our tea can be surprisingly refreshing in summer, check out this insightful article: Does drinking hot tea in summer cool you down?

Whether enjoying our Hemp Summer Energy Tea or our delicious coffee, you’re sure to find the perfect summer beverage to suit your taste and mood.

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Total servings: 20
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Hibiscus, ginger, liquorice, peppermint, nan mint, cassia, cardamom, black pepper, green mate tea, guarana, cloves, turmeric and beetroot, full-spectrum hemp extract(0.2%or below THC content

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How to use

Place a tea bag in a mug, pour hot water, and cover. Let the tea steep for 5 to 6minutes. Add sugar or honey asper your taste or enjoy it as it is. Add lots of ice into the brewed tea to enjoy refreshing and energetic iced tea on hot summer day!

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