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Mint Chocolate

Mint Dark Chocolate with Cold-Pressed CBD

Meet Mint Magic – your new favorite chill-out partner! This isn’t just any mint chocolate, infused with the smooth vibes of cold-pressed CBD, its a game changer! Each piece of this mint dark chocolate is like a mini vacation for your taste buds!

Perfect as an after-dinner chocolate or a “just because” treat, Mint Magic is all about bringing you that perfect balance of minty freshness and rich, dark chocolate. With 20mg of CBD in every tin, it’s your go-to for unwinding in the most delicious way possible.

So, next time you’re craving something minty, reach for Mint Magic. It not only tastes amazing but also has that little extra something to help you relax and enjoy the moment. Let’s be real, who doesn’t need a bit of magic in their day?

In the mood for something sweeter? Try our Cherry Milk Chocolate for a guilt free sweet treat!

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CBD Content

Total servings: 10
CBD Quantity
per serving
Total CBD content
per CBD mg


Belgian Dark chocolate Couverture (Min cocoa 70%), Milk, Sugar, Fat reduced cocoa powder, Cocoa mass, Emulsifier; Soya lecithin, Natural vanilla, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Cold pressed Cannabis Sativa L,
Mint Flavourings.

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