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Athletes Who Publicly Advocate for the Use of CBD

With awareness about the benefits of CBD increasingly growing and countries legalizing its usage, CBD has been gaining popularity among people of varying ages, professions, and social groups. While the growing amount of research evidence plays a key role in asserting the benefits of CBD and clearing misconceptions surrounding it, the contribution of athletes in establishing its effectiveness cannot be ignored. Many famous athletes have come forward to help people understand how this magical plant compound can help in training, improve performance, and aid in recovery. There are many athletes openly advocating the use of CBD to improve performance in sports and go relax and go happy. Here, we’re listing some of the athletes who openly advocate for using CBD in sports during both training and recovery:

weight lifting

  • James Haskell

Rugby is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about the use of CBD in sports in the UK. The game plays a huge physical strain on the body, making the recovery process essential for the sportsmen. There are many rugby players who openly talk about the use and benefits of CBD. James Haskell is one of them. Now retired, Haskell is one of the most famous international rugby players from the UK. In addition to his impressive career, he is known for his impeccable fitness, impressive physique, and his training regime. He also maintains a strong social media presence and his wife Chloe Madeley, a fitness influencer. Together, they both advocate for the importance of fitness and have openly talked about how CBD can benefit training and recovery. The couple has also shared their own CBD consumption routine, before workouts, on their YouTube channel. 

  • Eugene Monroe

Monroe was the first NFL player who publicly advocated for the use of cannabis during his active years. In 2016, a few months before his retirement, Monroe called out the NFL for its archaic policies with regards to the use of cannabis in the sport and asserted that the plant compound should be allowed for treating pain and other sport-related injuries. According to him, CBD is a far better and safer alternative to medications typically used in the sports world for pain and various injuries. He also spoke against the common use of opioid medications, which are harmful and addictive.

Monroe has been actively calling for the removal of marijuana from the NFL’s banned substance list and increasing awareness about the benefits of medical cannabis in sports ever since then.

  • Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz needs no introduction for UFC fans and CBD enthusiasts. For those who do not know, the man is known for his exceptionally amazing career as a fighter, with record 19 wins out of 30 fights, and his use of CBD. He may not have campaigned for the use of CBD in UFC, but he has been talking about how the plant compound has benefited him in relieving pain and improving overall health and wellness. He first did so in a press conference following his popular face-off match with Connor McGregor. Diaz was vaping CBD during the press conference. When asked by the media about it, he admitted that he was taking CBD oil to relieve pain and inflammation and speed up the healing process without any hesitation.

Diaz has also talked about using CBD as opposed to prescription medications for pain relief and to help the body recover after training or a fight.

The Sum Up

The use of CBD in sports is not a new phenomenon. However, with the increasing awareness, availability of scientific research studies backing its benefits, and changing laws, more and more athletes have been openly proclaiming their association with CBD. Sportspersons are now using CBD more actively to improve their performance, speed up recovery, and beat stress. Whether you’re a sportsperson, a fitness enthusiast, or just have a very active lifestyle; you can also incorporate CBD into your daily routine to improve health, performance and go relax and go happy.

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