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Bringing CBD into your Pet’s Life – A Brief Guide to Introducing CBD to Your Pets (Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits)

CBD is getting all kinds of attention for the past couple of years, and for all the right reasons. Ever since the breakthrough studies on CBD started surfacing and hemp is legalized in various parts of the world, cannabidiol use has increased exponentially for its potential health benefits for humans and animals alike.

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If you are a pet parent, you must have already heard about CBD uses for dogs, cats, and rabbits and their endless benefits. The magical plant compound is known to help pets with pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, nausea, vomiting, and even seizures and tremors.

While you can easily get your hands on the best CBD products in Scotland for your pets from GOGO‘s online CBD store, it’s slightly more difficult to introduce them to your pets.

Well aware of the struggles, we are listing down some top tips to introduce CBD to your furry friends

  • Talk to the Vet

The first step to introducing CBD to your pet is to talk to your vet. Let them know that you want to give CBD to your pet. Not only will they give you their medical advice on the subject, but you’d also be surprised by the extensive guidance you’ll receive from them regarding CBD administration.  

  • Food Time

Food is one of the first and foremost priorities of every living being, but it is much more for animals. Their need for food drives animals, and it is a strong motivator for them. That’s why food is a smart way to introduce CBD to your pets. Before we go further, make sure you only invest in CBD products made specifically for animals. You can get yours from GOGO Green Organics, one of the best CBD brands in Scotland.   

You can add CBD oil to your pet’s regular food. If it’s wet, mix it well, and if it’s dry, make sure it is evenly distributed. Use the same bowl and the same food they eat every day. Use the dropper to add the oil and follow the recommended dosage.  

  • After Playtime

All pet owners know how fast the furry animals burn their energy and get hungry after playtime. One great way to introduce CBD to your pets is via CBD-infused treats and snacks. Take your pets out for a fun playtime, and when they are tired and hungry, pull out the treats, and they’d never refuse. 

The CBD industry is relatively new, and you cannot trust just any source for your pet’s CBD products. For your delicate furry friends, you need products with no additives and artificial flavors. This is where GOGO comes in. Known as oOne of the best CBD brands in Scotland is, GOGO Green Organics, where you offer find CBD pet products derived from high-quality, organically-grown hemp. We care for your pets just like you do. Therefore, we bring you the best quality CBD oil to help keep your pets healthy and happy. 

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